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Paediatric surgery

Paediatric surgery

Tamás Bűdi MD., Ph.D. Paediatric surgeon


·      2002-2009    Semmelweis Medical University, Training of specialist:

        specialist of pediatric surgery

·      2000-2003     University of Szeged, Faculty of Economics and  

                    Business Administration: medical economist diploma

·      1996-2002     Semmelweis Medical University

                                           Faculty  of Medicine:  medical doctor diploma

·      1992-1996     Földes Ferenc High School, Miskolc:  biology faculty 


 Scientific Degree

          Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.): Semmelweis University (2017)

Major publications:

·      Monostory K, Bűdi T, Tóth K, Nagy A, Szever Z, Kiss Á, Temesvári M, Háfra E, Tapodi A, Garami M (2016): In response: Commentary on clinical significance of CYP2C9-status guided valproic acid therapy in children. Epilepsia (2016) 57(8):1339-1340


·      Bűdi T., Tóth K., Nagy A., Szever Zs., Kiss Á., Temesvári M., Háfra E., Garami M., Tapodi A., Monostory K. : Clinical significance of CYP2C9-status guided valproic acid therapy in children

Epilepsia (2015) 56(6):849-855


·      Tóth K.*, Bűdi T.*, Kiss Á., Temesvári M., Háfra E., Nagy A., Szever Zs., Monostory K. : Phenoconversion of CYP2C9 in epilepsy limits the predictive value of CYP2C9 genotype in optimizing valproate therapy

Personalized Medicine (2015) 12(3):199-207

*:shared first authorship


·      Nagy A. *, Bűdi T.*, Temesvári M., Szever Zs., Szabó P. T., Monostory K.: Adverse events in a newborn on valproate therapy due to loss-of-function mutations in CYP2C9

Epilepsy and Behavior Case Reports 4 (2015) 86-87

                   *:shared first authorship

Places of works 

·      2011 - Present       2nd Departmet of Pediatrics, Semmelweis University; Pediatric Surgery

specialist of pediatric surgery

·      2004 – 2010       Madarász Street  Children’s Hospital  Department of  Pediatric Surgery

                    candidate, and from 2009: specialist of pediatric surgery

·      2002 – 2004 Semmelweis Medical University Faculty of  Medicine resident of pediatric surgery

·      2001- 2002   Hungarian National Ambulance and Emergency Service, ambulance officer


International relations:

             Department of Surgery and Urology for Children and Adolescents, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland

             Department of Paediatric Surgery and Urology, Upper-Silesian Centre for Child's Health,  Katowice, Poland

             Vascular Anomalies Center. Eberswalde, Germany

Language skills 

                   Native Hungarian,  English, German

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